Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, President of India

I enjoyed his friendship and affection from the time I met him in 1926 at the first Indian Philosophical Congress in Calcutta. His simplicity, his integrity, his sweet and affectionate nature impressed all who came into contact with him.

Philosophy for him was not a profession but a consuming passion. He thought not merely with his intellect but with his whole life.

He had remarkable linguistic equipment. Apart from his mastery in English, he knew Greek and German. He expressed his deepest convictions in words and ways intelligible to the ordinary man. For many years he taught philosophy at Poona, Amalner and Allahabad.

It has been possible for him much more than myself to pursue his supreme object in a spirit of dedication.

With Ranade philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom, not a mere intellectual exercise. It is for him meditation on the spirit, a dedicated way of life.

Ranade lived philosophy and was touched by the Grace of God.

The God realized souls from the blessed community 'Anubhav mantapa' working with love for afflicted mankind. History is the progressive embodiment of vision of human brotherhood culminating in a society of free spirits a body of men dedicated to seeking truth. Ranade spent his life in the pursuit of this ideal. He reminds us of the verse in Shankaracharya's Moha Mudgara.

After hearing about gurudev's passing away, Dr. Radhakrishnan sent following message, "So the great Ranade has passed away. Another link is cut. We have to wait for the call. He lived a life of great simplicity and piety and ennobled the lives of many who came in contact with him. My life is richer for having known him."