Contact Information

Shri Gurudev Ranade Samadhi Trust, Nimbal (R.S.)

Tal. Indi, Dist. Biajapur, State. Karnatak, India. 586211

P: Call: +91-94822 06716 (BSNL), 6363383415 (JIO)


How to Reach Nimbal

Nimbal By Railway :

Nimbal is a railway station on Sholapur- Bijapur route. Passenger trains stop there. From Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, etc. you have to go via Sholapur. You can take connecting train from Sholapur to reach Nimbal station. Ashram is just near the station. However if you do not have a convenient connecting train, you can take a taxi from Sholapur to Nimbal. It costs about Rs.1800 (with return fare).

Timings of trains given below are subject to changes in Railway Time-tables :

Train No. Train name Bijapur Departure Nimbal Arrival Solapur Arrival
56204 DWR - SUR 1:00 1:31:00 AM 3:00:00 AM
57642 GDG - SUR 6:50 7:29 9:45
57133 BJP - RC 11:40 12:21 14:30
51030 BHP - CST 14:50
15:35 17:40
57129 BJP - HYB 18:20 18:54 20:30
56106 UBL - SUR 19:50 20:30 22:30

Train No. Train name Solapur Departure Nimbal Arrival Bijapur Arrival
56903 SUR - DWR 12:30 2.11 2.45
56905 SUR - UBL 4:45 6:04 6:40
57130 HYB-BJP 7:45 9:27 10:10
51029 BJP - CST 9:45
11:16 12:15
57641 SUR - GDG 11:45 13:27 14:10
57134 RC - BJP 14:15 16:21 17:00
57685 SUR - BJP 20:10 21:49 22:30  

Nimbal By Bus :

Alternatively you can take Sholapur Bijapur bus, which stops opposite Sholapur station. There is a bus every half an hour. You have to get off at Horti on Bijapur road. From Horti you can hire a tumtum (a three wheeler) to go to Nimbal Ashram. However train or taxi is more convenient. If you are coming from Bijapur side, you have to take Bijapur- Sholapur train, or a taxi to Nimbal or a bus (to get off at Horti).

Nimbal By Car :

Alternatively you can travel by car or taxi from Mumbai or Pune or any other place. You can reach Nimbal via Sholapur or Bijapur. You have to take Sholapur- Bijapur highway and turn off at Horti for Nimbal. You can also arrive at Sholapur or Bijapur by bus from Mumbai, Pune or any other place and proceed further to Nimbal.

Please Note :

  1. You should intimate ashram about your arrival date, time and number of people, and days of stay in advance.

  2. Lunch is available only up to 1.30 p.m. Hence if you are arriving after that you should have lunch on the way.

  3. Days of initiation are Monday, Thursday and Saturday. You cannot get initiated on any other days. Hence if you intend to get initiated, you should plan your travel accordingly.