The main objective of the ashram is to facilitate meditation and devotion as advocated by Gurudev. Trust maintains Samadhi mandir and the ashram with this objective in mind. In the early days the ashram did not have electricity, bathrooms, Toilets, tap water etc. Over the number of years many facilities were added with changing times. However the main objective in providing the facilities is to facilitate meditation and devotion.

Ashram has following facilities now.

  1. Common separate halls as well as rooms with lights and fans for gents and ladies stay. However most devotees prefer to sleep in the temple as it facilitates meditation.

  2. Common bathrooms and toilets with tap water. Hot water from solar heaters.

  3. Facility for washing clothes.

  4. Filtered and softened drinking water. Water source is mainly bore wells. Nimbal is in the dry belt in Bijapur District and has water scarcity.

  5. Electricity from generators and inverters for temple, halls, rooms, other facilities and roads.. Nimbal being a village, it has power scarcity.

  6. The trust provides tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the dining hall at fixed timings.

  7. Locker facility for regular visitors for keeping their clothes, beddings and others things they need during their stay. As there are no shops, devotees have to bring basic personal things with them.

  8. Public telephone.

  9. Book store where books related to pathway to God propagated by Gurudev are sold at discount.

  10. Parking facility for devotee's vehicles.

  11. Dispensary and doctor for basic requirements.

  12. Library for referring to books.

The ashram does not have TV, Radio or Newspapers etc. nor does it allow TV or Radio etc. It does not allow possession or consumption of alcohol or tobacco or any other drugs.

Devotees are allowed to stay and use facilities provided their purpose of visit is devotion. Longer stay is only for disciples of Gurudev and with the permission of the trust. Those who stay there have to fully participate in all programs and meditation. It must be borne in mind that this is an ashram and not a holiday home or old age home. Persons of all religions and castes freely stay there and follow the discipline of the ashram.