Gurudev was blessed with the mandate and power to save the afflicted humanity, i.e., to initiate others. This happened in 1920 at Inchgiri, when at the height of his meditation numerous Divine Names appeared to his auditory sense.

But as long as Shri Amburao Maharaj was carrying out the work of spreading of devotion, Gurudev did not think of using his mandate. Shri Amburao passed away in 1933. Still, Gurudev remained silent for three more years. In 1936, he initiated some people as per the dream instructions of his Master.

From 1928, Gurudev used to reside at Allahabad. He used to come to Nimbal only for the summer vacation. Therefore, the number of disciples were limited.

Later on, after his retirement from Allahabad as Vice-Chancellor of the University, he settled at Nimbal. The people from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, began to flock to him for initiation. He began to bless almost all of them considering their genuine interest in God-realization.

During the Nector Jubilee celebrations at Jamkhandi, his birth place, in July 1956, he showered his blessings on thousands of seekers and graced them without asking any question.

Just three days before he left his mortal vesture he blessed a few, by imparting the Divine Name. His last message to his disciples was "we should attain Himalayan heights by our ardent devotion and meditation".