1. ....all is not yet completely lost, there is yet some time left for you. Godliness will come to you even if you make up your mind to start your spiritual life just now. It is never too late to begin doing right thing, begin your spiritual career at once.

  2. From the point of view of science, a name might have the highest potentiality of spiritual energy. It would be real atom-bomb of spiritual experiences. (PGHL)

  3. A man who starts on his journey must not expect to reach the end at once. There is bound to be a time interval between initiation and realisation. A sadhaka who gets himself initiated must work and wait for attaining realisation. And, therefore, Liberation...Perfection is only gradual.

  4. We should not allow even a single breath to pass unutilised.

  5. It would not be impossible to fasten your mind on God, while your hand is doing its work. (PGHL ) Take care of every moment. Allow not a single eye-lash to beat in vain. You have not to live here forever. You donot know when the tent may fall. (PGHL p.256)

  6. ...the spiritual seeker must bid good-bye to all the senses of self importance (PGHL, chapter 4)

  7. We cannot meditate unless the object of meditation is realised by us, but we cannot have realisation unless we meditate

  8. Sadguru gives you potentiality and actuality lies in the efforts of sadhaka

  9. "I am the constant door-keeper of my devotee", says the Lord, "I make it a point to save such a one from dangerous situations as a mother saves her child by withdrawing it instantly from a fire or from a serpent."

  10. Liberation is not to be found after death. But to know God, to do His work, to enjoy His presence and to devote oneself to His service, are exactly what a Jivanmukta ought to do and that is the teaching of the Bhagavadgita.