Shri Vyankatesh Khanderao Deshpande alias Shri Bhausaheb was born in a well-to-do Deshpande family at Umadi - a village in the Jat Taluka of Maharashtra. Even as a boy he had developed a deep devotion to Lord Hanuman and used to perform worship daily in a nearby temple. It was through the introduction by Shri Raghunath Priya Maharaj that the greatness of Shri Nimbargi Maharaj was imbibed in him. He was initiated by Shri Nimbargi Maharaj at an early age of 14. Since then he began to meditate regularly on the Divine Name imparted to him by his Master. His meditation gradually gained in duration and intensity and enabled him to enjoy the vision and bliss of Atman. His Master was greatly delighted by this spiritual attainment of his beloved disciple. And at the time of his departure Nimbargi Maharaj showered his blessings, granting his entire spiritual merit to Bhausaheb Maharaj. He authorised Shri Bhausaheb to initiate the aspirants in the year 1875. However, till his Master's worldly presence this was carried out in a subdued manner. In 1885, profoundly grieved by his Master's departure, Shri Bhausaheb carried on his meditation with re-doubled zest.

While departing his Master had asked him to spread devotion far and wide. Accordingly, Shri Bhausaheb established his Ashram at Inchgiri, a village near Umadi, and began to carry out his spiritual activities from there. Soon, Inchgiri became famous and a place of spiritual activity. He spread devotion in Karnataka and Maharashtra, visiting various places like Bijapur, Jamkhandi, Solapur on horse-back.

The philosophy underlying Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj's Nama -Yoga (Meditation on Divine Name) is to be found in a seed form in the following aphorisms which are cryptic and meaningful.

  1. Rememberance (of Divine Name) is Spiritual Reality.
  2. Non-rememberance is worldly illusion.
  3. Ardent burning desire is the source of Illumination(knowledge).
  4. Dispassion is the source of Devotion.
  5. Mind is the root of heart.

In whatever situation an aspirant may find himself, Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj used to instruct him to carry on his meditation, to the best of his ability and live to the principles and tenets of

  1. Dhir - resolute and enduring attitude in life.
  2. Udar - noble and bountiful magnanimity of heart.
  3. Gambhir - grave and considerate outlook in facing life.