1. Mission of a Saint

One has only to remember that it becomes the mission of a God realiser to spread the Gospel of God whenever and whatever it becomes possible for him to do so. 'One God, One World, One Humanity' should be his maxim, theo-polity his doctrine. Who-so-ever realises the unity or the presence of God can never but direct his life in such a way that the greatness of God becomes not merely understood but also achievable.

2. His Service to the Society

He has to build and thatch the City of God - devotion, give shade and protection to all those who may come to stay in it, and live in it himself along with his brother devotees. It is a "Theopolis" where God is the supreme Ruler, and all humanity, bound together by the spiritual tie, becomes equal and aspiring denizens, whose only vocation is to fill the world with the praise and glory of God.

So far as the utility of the Mystic to the society is concerned, we may almost take it to be a truism, and a Mystic who is not of supreme service to the society is not a Mystic at all. It is true that here again there are temperamental differences among mystics.... But the fact remains that in either case he is of supreme service to humanity by calling their attention, from moment to moment, to the perfection and greatness of God. There have been mystics who, like Aristotle's God, have moved the world by their Divine Contemplation. Unmoved themselves, they have become men of a world-shaking type.

3. Spiritual Communism

The Mystics of all ages and countries have spoken the same language, as they are denizens of the same spiritual world. There are no racial, no communal, no national prejudices among them. Time and space have nothing to do with the eternal and infinite character of their mystical experience. These together constitute a band of divine musicians, each contributing his own note, and all together producing a harmony that is wonderful.

4. Message of Saints

"I have come to illumine the ways and to distinguish the true from the false. God makes me speak, being always in my company. By the power of the Lord, I have no fear in my heart... To advance religion and to destroy atheism is my business now... I take pointed answers in my hands and send them like arrows. I have no consideration... of great and small. I have girdled up my loins, and have found out a way for you, across the ocean of life. Come here, come here, great and small, women and men. Take no thought and have no anxiety. I shall carry all of you to the other shore. I come as the sole bearer of the stamp of God, to carry you over in God's name... I enjoy this sweet ambrosia and distribute it among men. Do not wander among the woods. Come here and partake of my offer, Your desires shall be fulfilled if your intellect is fastened on His feet. I come as a messenger from God. Easy will be the Pathway by which you may go to God... We are the residents of heaven. We have come down to earth, like the Saints of old, to pursue the path of Truth. We will cleanse the path of the Saints. People have ignorantly gone to woods and forests... The true meaning of the Sacred Books has been hidden. Wordy knowledge has been the cause of ruin. Senses have stood in the way of Sadhana. We will ring the bell of Bhakti. It will send a threat into the heart of Death. Rejoice! In the victorious name of God! "