He was a premier disciple of Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj as well as senior spiritual brother of Gurudev. He can aptly be described as 'faith incarnate', 'penance resplendent' as well as 'a flute singing the spiritual glory of his Master'. Shri Baba's life is a fine illustration of how a Spiritual Master like Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj realises, at first sight, the potential spiritual greatness of his prospective disciple, pursues him, initiates him against his will and finally raises him to the status of a Master.

Born in a poor family at Jigjeevani, a village in Bijapur district; early loss of parents, extreme struggle to earn the daily bread, untimely demise of dear wife and daughter was the fare dished out in Baba's early life.

In order that there may be some diversion to his mind, Baba's sister forced him to attend the celebrations of Bhimraya's festival at Nimbargi. Unexpectedly the diversion served as Baba's spiritual conversion. There he met Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj and was initiated almost against his will. The impedement was temporary, and Baba meditated night and day for three months without altering his fixed gaze on the tip of the nose as instructed by Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj. The result was waves of flood of light flowing onto him. He was afraid whether this is some ophthalmic problem. He came to know that this was spiritual experience only after meeting his Master and he was thrilled.

Then there was no looking back. He moved on his spiritual path conquering various forts by Master's grace. He was blessed to initiate others.

The most important tasks Baba performed was building of Ashram and Samadhi of Nimbargi Maharaj at Inchgiri and its management till the sad demise of his Spiritual Master in 1914.

Shri Baba conducted spiritual tours far north and south of Inchgiri and stood as a castle rock protecting the real path of spiritual knowledge in the Ashram though many disputes sprang after Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj's demise, about who should be the Master.

Although Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj had already instructed him to initiate aspirants, Baba was not prepared to initiate and was waiting for a clear mandate from his Master which he soon recieved in the dream. Baba started initiating from 1915. Shri Baba was of immense help to Gurudev, both morally and spiritually and considered Gurudev as his twin. Shri Baba, like Tukaram, unfurled the flag of Devotion clearing the pathway to God which had become covered with bambles and dust, thus becoming invisible and gathered thousands of devotees under its benign influence.

His eternal message is "one should meditate like a blind man, who twists jute into rope not knowing how much jute has become into rope and how much is still remaining".